Getting a better car loan has never been easier!

You’ve heard about refinancing
your mortgage — did you know you can do
the same with your auto loan?

Simple, fast refinancing


Customized loan options

Reliable customer support

With FinleyFi, refinancing your auto loan is easy. We offer multiple refinancing options, including:

Traditional Refinancing

Lower your monthly car payment with a loan created specifically for you.
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Cash Back Refinancing

Tap into the equity of your car and pay off more expensive debts.
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Lease Buyout Financing

Ready to convert your lease into ownership? We’ll walk you through every step of the process.
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You can save more money!

Our vast network of lenders will help ensure you get a car loan that works for you. We work hard to make sure each of our customers has the best refinancing experience possible, even if their credit is less than perfect.

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How Does Auto Refinancing Work

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